About Me

Hi! I’m Gray.

Welcome to my home, kitchen, and cooking adventures – on the patio, around the dining room table, and into the wild.

I started this blog just before Thanksgiving, 2021, during the ongoing pandemic. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that we are socially-distanced, even at home still.

Five people amongst my family and friends had COVID-19 during the month of November 2021, even though all are vaccinated and wear masks.

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The pandemic years have been a challenge for so many, and for me, months of long walks and reflections, years of training and practice, and a lot of home cooking, have led me to believe in four primary pillars to wellness:

  1. Connect with others (family, friends, community)
  2. Be outdoors
  3. Cook and share real meals, with local and healthy ingredients

To that end, I created this site to take my cooking more outdoors and to connect with other cooks, writers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

I look forward to connecting!

Much love,


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